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Student Record Retention Policy

Student Record Retention Policy

Student records include grades, attendance, prior education and training, personal achievements, etc. Caroline University maintains student records in accordance with the guidelines California State of Bureau of Private Postsecondary (BPPE). The Program Coordinator acts as the Custodian of Records and maintains student personal information, financial records, and transcripts in locked, fire-proof files. Academic records are kept for an indefinite period of time. Other files may be purged after a minimum of five (5) years.

Name Changes in Students’ School Records
The name of any currently enrolled, former, or graduated student, may be changed in the official school record to show a different name other than on used at matriculation time or during the term of enrollment at Caroline University. This change can only be made based upon the following:

1)  A written, signed and notarized request submitted by current, former or graduate student to change the name on the official school record.
2)  Submission of supportive credible evidence such as a certified copy of marriage certificate, or a name changed by a court decree.
3)  For cross referencing purposes, the official transcript shall be modified to show the name in its entirety (First, Middle, Last), as well as to indicate the original name in its entirety (First, Middle, Last), immediately after the new name. The graduation diploma(s) and certificates shall be issued with the new name only.
4)  Examples of transcripts: Jane Jones to change to: Jane Doe, A.K.A Jane Jones. Jane Smith to change to: Jane Smith-Doe, A.K.A Jane Smith
5)  At no time shall the original name be removed from the official transcript or be replaced by the new name. The student is required to pay a processing fee as approved by the Executive Council and published in the “Name Change Notification Form”