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Spiritual Enrichment

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus said that the most important commandment is to love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus was making it clear that every aspect of who we are should reflect our passion for the Lord. At Caroline University, we are endeavoring to live out this commandment.

We intend to promote the spiritual life at Caroline University through academic advising, mentoring, field education, chapel, bible study or any other form. We intend that prayer, worship, dialogue about God and His Word, and fellowship flow through the community of Caroline University.

Chapel Services

Through the convocation, chapel, and other services, we plan to offer services as dynamic times for responding to the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word. Passionate worship marks these strong times together. Guest speakers as well as faculty members and selected students bring messages of encouragement and challenge from God’s Word.

Special Days

The administration and faculty of Caroline University seek to be sensitive to both the needs of the students and the direction of the Holy Spirit. Periodically, a special day of prayer and worship may be called for the purpose of spiritual reflection and renewal, with the entire school community uniting together for the day.

Devotional Life

All members of the Caroline University community (administrators, faculty members, staff, and students) are encouraged to maintain a rich, daily devotional life. Times alone with God in Bible study, meditation, prayer, fasting, and praise are invaluable in forming the character of Jesus and in receiving the empowerment of the Spirit. In addition to private devotions, it is not unusual for students to meet regularly with other members of the campus community for special times together in God’s presence.