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The following basic principles have been articulated:
1. While Caroline University ensures academic freedom and wishes to encourage innovation in instruction, the faculty also has a collective responsibility to ensure the academic quality and integrity of Caroline University’s courses, programs, and degrees. This responsibility extends to those courses and programs offered through Distance Education.
2. Faculty and students have a right to know the modes of delivery and technological requirements of each course, program, and degree offered by Caroline University. Students have access to this information before enrolling in a course or program.
3. Distance education programs and courses are consistent with the educational mission of Caroline University.
4. Courses, which are offered as Distance Education, provide the opportunity for substantial, personal, and timely interactions between faculty and students.
5. Students in the Distance Education program have adequate access to library and student services.
6. Caroline University provides appropriate support services to faculty who teach Distance Education courses.
7. Distance Education program in Caroline University is a major mode of instruction.