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Master of Religious Philosophy

Program Description:

The Master of Religious Philosophy Studies program is designed for students who intend to learn classical Asian philosophy and Orient so that students can communicate the gospel and biblical wisdom to the East. The program helps students with understanding of the root of idea and philosophy inherent in the spirit world of Asians for thousand years. Such study includes history and philosophical understanding of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism in Oriental Thought and Oriental Philosophy. Particularly, the program emphasizes study on Confucianism, which is the representative idea of China and the Orient and its ideological background, which is I-ching that is based upon Yin-Yang and Five elements of the University. The program helps students to study an in-depth study of I-Ching, its philosophical term, aspect, and interpretation. It also includes study of Analects of Confucius, Mencius, Great Learning, and Mean. Students also learn the practical aspect I-ching that includes Oriental meditation, Myeongri and Oriental Geographic, which have been developed based on I-ching in real life of Asians.


Program Requirements:

Length: Approximately 3 or 4 Semesters

Core Courses: 10 courses (30 units)

Theology Requirement: 2 courses (6 units)

Total Units: 12 courses (36 semester units)


Unit Transfer Policy

A transfer unit cannot exceed 49% or more of total graduation units. This means the majority of units must be taken at Caroline University. The acceptance of credits is at the description of the university, depending upon the academic rigor of the prior course experience.


Program Learning Outcomes:

At the summation of the Master of Religious Philosophy Study, the student will be able demonstrate the following capacities:

  1. To demonstrate their ability to outline Oriental Thought and Oriental Philosophy
  2. To analyze Yinyang Theory and Five Elements of the Universe
  3. To outline history and philosophical understanding of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism in Oriental Thought
  4. To outline and articulate I-Ching, its philosophical term, aspect and interpretation
  5. To demonstrate their ability to outline development of Oriental thoughts with a clear embodiment of Judeo-Christian ethics.


Admission Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the Master of Religious Philosophy program:

  1. Applicants for admission must be in possession of, or have candidacy for bachelor degree or its equivalent, and must submit official transcripts and/or copy of diploma for their college degree.
  2. A completed application form for admission
  3. Application Fee
  4. Recommendation Form


Graduation Requirements:

Students must complete 10 core courses along with 2 theology courses requirements. 

Categories Code Course Title Units
Core Courses (8courses / 24units)


MPS601 General Theory of Geomancy (3 units) 24





MPS602 Introduction to Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theory (3)
MPS603 Book of Oriental Classics I (3 units)
MPS604 Yin-Yang and Five Elements Practical Application (3)
MPS605 I-Ching Practices (3)
MPS606 The Basics of Yin-Yang and Five Elements (3)
MPS607 Understanding I-Ching (3)
MPS608 Management of Impression I (3)
MPS609 Management of Impression II (3)
MPS600 The Analects of Confucius (3)
MPS610 Oriental Geographic for Architecture (3)
MPS611 Study of ChangJa Thought (3)
Total 24



Elective Courses: 2 Course (6 units) 

Categories Code Course Title Units
Political Thought


(2 courses)

MPS511 Confucius Political Thought  6
MPS512 Mencius Political Thought
MPS513 Lao-thzu’s Thought
MPS514 Hanfeitzu’s Political Thought
Total 6



Theology Requirements: 2 courses (6 units)

Categories Code Course Title Units
2 courses (6 units) OT501 Theology of OT (3) 6
NT501 Theology of NT (3)
THE501 Comparative Religion (3)
THE502 Psychology of Religion (3)
OT502 Introduction to Prophet (3)
NT502 Life and Teaching of Christ (3)
THE503 Biblical Theology (3)
THE504 Church History (3)
BT501 Survey of Old Testament
BT502 Survey of New Testament
Total 6


 Graduation Requirements:
  1. Students must complete 36 semester hours of credits including at least 30 units of core courses.
  2. Students must complete course work with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 out of 4.0 scales.
  3. Student must pass capstone course (MPS612: Research in Eastern Philosophy and Classical Literature) with a grade “B” or better.
  4. Students must complete 2 theology class requirements and pass exit interview