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Faculty Support Policy

The program administrators shall ensure that:

Caroline University continues to employ a sufficient number of faculty to assure that (A) the institution’s response to, or evaluation of, each student lesson is returned to the student within 10 days after the lesson is received by the institution; and (B) the institution’s response to, or evaluation of, each student project or dissertation is returned to the student within the time disclosed in the catalog.
Caroline University maintains a record of the dates on which lessons, projects, and dissertations were received and responses were returned to each student.
Caroline University ensures that the materials and programs are current, well organized, designed by faculty competent in distance education technique and delivered using readily available, reliable technology.
Caroline University standards are followed in assigning course loads to instructors and awarding incentives to instructors teaching courses in distance education programs.
The Distance Education office possesses or has access to equipment, software, technical/design/production expertise, training, and technical/administrative support for effective and proficient delivery of distance education courses and programs, including potential changes in the technology or course structure.
Caroline University ensures its long-range planning, budgeting, and policy development processes reflect the staffing, equipment, facilities, and other resources essential for the viability and effectiveness of distance education courses and programs.