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Faculty Duties and Responsibilities

1. A faculty of distance education must participate in distance education orientation. He or she also must participate in regular distance education workshop or seminar to learn to use distance education platform, and be familiar with distance education policy and procedures.

2. A faculty of distance education must create and submit a syllabus that is feasible for distance education including elements such as title, course description, education objectives, sequence and frequency of lesson or class sessions, length of the class, complete citations of textbook and other required written materials, sequential and detailed outline of subject matter and list of learning outcomes and skills, instructional modes, or methods, etc.

3. A faculty of distance education must be able to use distance education platform that is adopted by Caroline University.
4. A faculty of distance education must participate in faculty meeting and share input and feedback to improve the quality of distance education program, teaching effectiveness, and student success.

5. A faculty of distance education must collaborate with the director of the distance education or the one who is qualified to supervise distance education in conducting distance education class and collaborate the director of institutional research to collect student evaluation of the class.

6. A faculty of distance education must be able to verify student’s identification in conducting distance education class. A faculty must communicate meaningfully and timely with students in commenting their work or assignment. This can be done through verifying student’s login and password, their regular access to the class through platform and communicating with them through email and message. A faculty must collaborate with the director of distance education to verify their login and password if needed.

7. A faculty of distance education must verify and ensure that a student participates in distance education orientation and can use online platform to take the class.

8. A faculty of distance education must design a distance education course that contains meaningful interaction between faculty and student. Meaningful interaction between faculty and students can be stated in the course planner through syllabus reading, textbook reading, lecture note reading, lecture watching, quiz taking, essaying writing and comment, faculty responding to the questions and essay, forum participation, and threaded discussion and giving grading. And meaningful interaction must be appropriate and in timely manner. For instance, when the students submit course assignment or homework, a faculty must comment and respond within 10 business days.

9. A faculty of distance education must employ threaded discussion between faculty and students and/or among students whereby students and/or faculty can exchange review, research, and opinion through threaded discussion that is available in class, session and assignment. A faculty must create a forum in that students can make comment on the debate and discussion subject that is assigned by the faulty to share their input. Multiple students must be able to respond to each subject and students can share their opinions in threaded manner.

10. A faculty of distance education must continue to develop and improve distance education capacity and effectiveness by learning to expand knowledge of online technology and subject matter. Such effort must include but is not limited to taking online webinar class, reading of books that are related to online training and teaching guide, and be thoroughly familiar with Moodle Program Manual.

11. A faculty of distance education must be able to use educational resources and technology that is available to faculty on campus and on-line.

12. A faculty of distance education must continually monitor student’s progress by evaluating their work, assignment and grade by using scoring rubrics in timely manner.