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Curriculum & Instruction

In the curricular review process, distance education program seeks to demonstrate that they provide the opportunity for substantial, personal, and timely interactions between faculty and enrolled students.

The director of the distance education program assumes responsibility for and exercises oversight over the program, ensuring both the rigor of the courses and the quality of instruction. This includes:

We continue to ensure the selection and evaluation of formally approved adjunct and/or part-time faculty.

We continue to ensure that the technology used suits the nature and objectives of the Distance Education program.

Caroline University continues to ensure the currency of materials, courses, and program.

We continue to ensure the integrity of student work and the credibility of the degrees and credits Caroline University awards. It is the responsibility of the director to ensure that reasonable safeguards are in place to prevent academic dishonesty.

We make sure that ownership of materials, faculty compensation, and copyright issues may be agreed upon by the instructor and Caroline University prior to the initial offering of a course.

We ensure that no individual, program, or department shall agree in a contract with any private or public entity to deliver distance education courses or programs on behalf of Caroline University without prior approval from Caroline University.