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Attendance Policy

Successful completion of the educational programs at Caroline University requires a significant commitment of time for class work and outside study each day. Caroline University students are expected to attend all class meetings by submitting assignment in timely manner to fully benefit from all coursework. Even though it is not mandatory, Caroline University strongly recommends instructors incorporate online class attendance into the course grading scale.

Each instructor will establish his or her own attendance policies and procedures, and publish them in the course syllabus. It is also the responsibility of each instructor to inform his or her class of these policies and procedures at the beginning of each semester. Students are responsible for knowing the attendance policies and procedures of each class in which they are enrolled.

It is the student’s responsibility to properly register for classes. During the first week, if an enrolled student does not attend the first class meeting, the instructor may drop the student from the class. Each instructor will make the final decision based on careful review of the circumstantial evidence provided by the student who did not attend the first class meeting without prior arrangement with the instructor.

It is also the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the university or drop from a class that he or she is no longer attending in accordance to the established deadlines. A student who stops attending but does not drop a class may receive a failing grade in that class.