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Academic Advising

The Director of Admissions and Dean of Academics are available for academic counseling of the student. They are available during regular business hours for consultation with regard to academic or career planning. The scope of academic counseling includes: analyzing personal interests and goals, determining career paths, planning course loads, and developing an overall academic plan for course work and supplemental needs of the student

All students are provided with personal assistance regarding program requirements and scheduling.  In addition, individual assistance and advising are readily available to students with special academic difficulties.  Instructors and counselors are available for academic advising. Enrollees are encouraged to request an appointment with their instructor immediately if any scholastic problems arise.  All students are urged to take advantage of this valuable assistance.

By interacting with the students and academic progress, instructors will advise students to follow certain methodology, which he/she finds most suitable. Students are encouraged to seek help, or suggest any new ideas to the school.